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From your Pastor-September 2012

Back to school!
Welcome back Holy Family school students and students in our religious education program.
On behalf of our school principal, Ms. Kathy Stoops, and our DRE, Mr. Jason Gawaldo, we thank our parents for entrusting your children to us.
Our parish youth choir makes its debut this school year on Saturday, Sept.15 at the 4:00pm Mass. All are welcome!  Our adult choir begins on Sunday Sept. 30 at the 9:00am Mass. 
This year's RCIA program starts on Monday, Sept. 24 at 7:00pm in the Parish Center. Anyone interested in becoming Catholic, give us a call to register or just show up. No commitment required yet. Come and see what the Catholic Church is about! 330-757-1545.
Let's enjoy September! 


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  • CurtisJulpPosted on 10/15/14

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