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From Your Pastor-December

Posted by andrea clune on 11/30/12

December - a beautiful month for our faith, family and friends. With all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations, do not forget about Advent as we prepare the way of the Lord. Please consult the parish bulletin for our spiritual, educational and social events. May the good ... Read More »

From your Pastor-November 2012

Posted by andrea clune on 11/17/12

Happy Thanksgiving!  Join us on Sunday, November 18 at 7:00pm at Poland United Methodist Church for a Thanksgiving Prayer Service. The Poland Christian congregations are gathering in praise of God from whom all blessings flow! On Thanksgiving Day  itself our Mass here at Holy Family is at  9:00am. All ... Read More »

The Real First Thanksgiving

Posted by jason gawaldo on 11/13/12

Are you ready for this?  You’ve been lied to your whole life about Thanksgiving.  It’s true.  Typical of popular American history, our textbooks have fed us half-truths about the actual events. 

Here’s how the story goes in our textbooks.  The first Thanksgiving happened in early autumn of 1621 at ... Read More »