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“Isaiah, Paul, Peter and Me” -From Your Pastor

In this coming Sunday’s readings (Feb.10, 2019) I am in good company with Isaiah the prophet, Paul the apostle, and Peter the fisherman. Each in his own way expresses unworthiness, weakness and sinfulness.  “Woe is me, I am doomed” says Isaiah in the Temple. 
“I am the least of the apostles” writes Paul to the Christians in Corinth.  “Leave me, Lord. I am a sinful man” Peter tells Jesus on his knees at the lakeside.  All three biblical heroes came to realize that God’s call, God’s forgiveness and God’s power made their lives of faith possible. In our lives we come to know this reality also. God is in charge. We are his instruments. Our strength, our gifts come from a merciful and gracious  and loving God.  May God’s name be praised now and forever! Amen 


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