Liturgical Ministries

Ministry of Altar Server

Deacon Ray Hatala        330 757-1545

Holy Family Parish children are eligible to serve as Altar Server.  The ministry  is open to boys and girls 5th grade through high school.  All are required to attend training sessions  after which they are installed in the ministry.  They must be able to serve when scheduled.  Adult Servers are invited to minister at the 7:00 a.m. Weekday Mass and at the 7:30 a.m. Sunday Mass.


Children's Liturgy of the Word, 9:00 & 11:00 am Masses

Marnie Kelty, DRE    330 757-1545

We welcome children in preschool through 4th grade to experience the readings on their level.  The preschool and kindergarten children meet in the brides room before Mass begins.  The 1st through 4th grade children are dismissed before the Liturgy of the Word to the Fr. Conley Chapel.  All of the children return to Mass before the Presentation of the Gifts.  Parent volunteers are the leaders and are assisted by volunteer student aides.  Children’s Liturgy of the Word takes place during the school year (September to May).


Art and Environment

Luke Politsky, Coordinator of Liturgical Art and Environment    330-519-7997

Thanks to your generosity last year, we purchased three beautiful Christmas trees and decorations for our Parish Center.  This year we would like to add lighted Christmas Wreaths on the outside of the doors to the Parish Center.  If you would like to donate this year, please send your donation before October 25th to Holy Family Parish Center, Attention Msgr. Connell.

Only 3 months to Christmas!!!!


Ministers of Holy Communion       

Gerry Orlovsky   330 757-8209

Eucharistic ministers are men and women of the parish who have completed the sacrament of initiation and have been commissioned to distribute Holy Communion at Mass.  Eucharistic ministers are typically scheduled for the Mass of their choice.  They may also take Communion to the sick and homebound when requested.           



Eileen Stamateris 330 757-1545

Holy Family parishioners who are high school age or older and have been confirmed may serve as Lectors.  These men and women proclaim the Word of God at Mass and other liturgical celebrations.


Liturgy Committee

Luke Politsky, Coordinator of Liturgical Art and Environment    330-519-7997

This committee works to support and organize all aspects of the liturgical life of the parish community, including arts & environment, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, ushers, altar servers and other related ministries.  The group meets once per month.


 Ministry to the Sick & Homebound

         Homebound Ministry                   Msgr. Connell     330 757-1545    This group regularly visits the homes of those

                                                               who are not able to attend Mass. They offer Communion, prayer and friendship.

        Hospital Visitation Committee    Gary Morucci       330 757-9381   This group rotates turns to make weekly visits

                                                               to those who are sick in the hospital. They offer prayer and friendship as well as

                                                               bringing prayer resources to those hospitalized.

        Nursing Home Visitation             Msgr. Connell       330 757-1545   This group makes weekly visits to three area

                                                              nursing homes to bring communion, prayer and encouragement and assists with

                                                              Mass on a monthly basis at two of these facilities.


Music Ministry

Mary Ann Bilas Bush, Pastoral Musician    330 757-1545            

Barb Zorn, Youth Choir    330 503 3880

      The Holy Family Adult Choir leads the singing  at the 9:00 am Mass  from September to June. 

                                Rehearsals take place on Sunday mornings before and after the 9:00 am Mass.

      The Contemporary Music Ensemble leads the singing on the first Sunday of each month at the 11:00 am Mass. 

                                 Rehearsals take place before the liturgy or are announced.

       The Resurrection Choir sings at all funerals held in our Parish. 

                                 Rehearsals take place prior to the funeral.

        Vocalists and instrumentalists of high school age and older are welcome to participate. 


       The Holy Family Parish Youth Choir is for any youth of the parish in grades 3-12 interested in learning more

       about the Liturgy. 

       The youth choir season runs from September to the end of May having one rehearsal weekly.  The choristers serve

       as music ministers once a month at  Sunday Liturgy monthly and join with the Adult Choir during the Triduum.



Joe Sofranec            330 757-2954

A group of men and women who minister during the celebration of Mass and liturgical celebrations by extending a spirit of hospitality and welcome to parishioners and visitors alike.